Sunday, 24 June 2012

Big game photos

Sorry for the delay, we where using Nisses camera so I had to wait for him to send me the photos, apparently studying law takes up a lot of your time, who knew? :P


  1. Indeed, what a spectacular looking game! Thanks for sharing. Doing a little catching up on your blog today, and all these lovely pics are a grand conclusion to the last couple posts. It must have been a blast to play.

    Question for you though. I'm just starting my 28mm Napoleonic project with Prussians for myself and hoping my friend Eric sticks to doing some French. We've pretty much agreed to 6 figs a base like yours, but stuck on whether to go 4 stands or 6 for either 24 figs or 36. I think the Prussians are fine either way, but the French with 6 companies and different colored pompoms leave some questions both visually and formations gamewise.

    I noticed your game includes both sized units for the French (and others). Are there any thoughts on this that you could share that might be helpful?? I know you play GdB, and not BP, but your input would be appreciated all the same.


  2. Sorry about my long posts today. I usually keep it much shorter. :)

  3. Hi and thanks for commenting Jason, I'd rather have a long comment than no comment :P
    What I would do is not to worry about each base representing a company since that wont make any difference in BP. I arranged my 24 fig units with four to each company, but they are spread out across the four bases. In line the battalion looks properly arranged with each six companies after another, but forming column it looks a bit wonky, as you can see in the pictures :P However it works just fine in GdeB where you really are supposed to base companies separately, and in BP it wont make any difference rules wise at all. Also I find that in the heat of battle bases always seems gets shuffled around and mixed up when changing formation etc anyways.
    My Prussians are actually 32 to a unit, four bases each with 8 figs (Prussians used four company battalions).
    So if I where you I would do Prussians 32 figs strong (4x8) and French 36 figs strong (6x6). I thinks thats the classic "1:20" way to do it. And you wont have any trouble switching rules later, since you mentioned you might try GdeB later on.

    Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask anything.

    1. Thanks David. I could always start with 24 man units and then go to 36 later if need be. The French plumes would be easy to repaint.

      I thought of doing exactly as you suggested as far as the companies go. I'm a very relaxed player, but some times get too wrapped up in the visuals. Although I'm not a member of the historical fashion police, I do think it's odd to see the grenadiers in the back of an attack column. :) I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

      As I'm finally getting into my project, I'm sure I'll have a bunch of questions for the guys that frequent "la Bricole."

      Feel free to stop by my blog. Hopefully there will be some more Prussians on there pretty soon despite all my friends being excited about 40k 6th Ed and wanting me to finish my IG. :)


  4. Very nice set up David, I am very envious of the game, you guys must have had a lot of fun. All your figures look great.

    In respect to basing, I have to say you are never sure where you will end up. I have decided to go with multiples of six. I like a dense base (although I suppose mine are a little too dense at 40x40mm). Start with 24 easy to expand up as need be.


  5. Thank you John! It's been really great that a few of my gaming buddies takes interest enough to play napoleonics now and then. The deal that I would bring all minis and they could just show up and play wasn't such a good deal as I though with these warhammer players used to have unique army's of their own :P We are planing a large game withing three of four weeks.
    Regarding basing I suppose that no matter how much you plan ahead you will always change you mind somewhere along the way anyway :P


  6. Wonderful stuff - it all looks mouth watering; models & scenery! Hope you had fun, it certainly looks like you did. I'll keep an eye out for a write up too.
    Have fun

  7. Exactly my kjind of game. Big and beautiful.

  8. I have only just discovered your blog and I will echo others in saying "Wow!" My club also plays General de Brigade and we enjoy it very much. We have found that, once everyone is familiar with the rules, that large games play out at a good pace.

    I look forward to more of your game pictures and posts!

  9. Excellent all round. Great terrain presentation, lovely miniatures, happy gamers, great afternoon for all. Thank you for sharing your efforts. Bookmarked on my site.

    Michael aka WR

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  12. Wonderful stuff - it all looks mouth watering; models & scenery! Hope you had fun, it certainly looks like you did. I'll keep an eye out for a write up too.

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