Friday, 13 November 2009

It took eight years!

From the time I saw a documentary of the battle of Borodino on the Discovery Civilization channel and decided that napoleonic wargamig was the perfect substitute for warhammer witch I was increasingly growing tired of, to finally get going with napoleonic wargaming.
My first try was with 6mm miniatures. Since I know I had to do all the painting and research myself I wanted to keep it simple and cheap. This got nowhere, it was to much to learn on my own and I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to learn before even daring to touch my miniatures with a paint brush.
Years passed. My second try was with 1/72 soft plastic. Again trying to make it cheap. I actually got a few games with these, but 1/72 soft plastic is not for wargames. The poses of the miniatures and incomplete ranges makes it a tedious chore to complete a collection for wargaming.
When 28mm hard plastic miniatures appeared on the market I presented it for my "warhammer" friends, a few showed interest but it was only I and one friend who finaly ordered a few boxes each the summer of 09.

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