Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Quatre Bras OOB

When me and my opponent started with 28mm Napoleonics one of our early goals was to recreate the battle of Quatre Bras. I modeled my first division after Foy's 9th Division and my friend Erik started on Pictons 5th Division.
We drifted away from these plans and simply allowed our self to bye and paint troops we felt like. Although we are keeping too the 100 Days campaign.
Yesterday I took a look at our original plans and specifically the French OOB. I have painted a couple of units since I last had a look and though it would by fun to see if I was closer to our original goal.

Well, Cuirassiers are done. I'll need two regiments of Chasseurs and two Lanciers. these wont be done in a while because I'm hoping these will appear in plastic. Artillery, I'm nowhere close, one battery of seven, again I'm hoping for plastic line artillery (do you hear my Victrix). I'm half way there when it comes to infantry, I think!
There are some serious anomalies in my sources. Take a look.


JC Miniatures.

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies.

Unfortunately I have no books on Quatre Bras. The Waterloo Companion is beyond excellent but covers only Waterloo and has very little of the rest of the campaign.

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