Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A game at our clubs small Christmas convention.

This was our traditional annual game at a small convention, or gathering rather, that our game club throws each Christmas. Well traditional is an exaggeration, we had a game last year and decided to have one this year too. The idea was that I and Erik would play against each other and we would each have one participant willing to try some napoleonics. As it turned out we only mustered one player, Johan. Although we managed to gather a number of bystanders which actually didn't bother me as much as it usually does. Johan was to help Erik, commanding two brigades of Prussians and a small brigade of light cavalry. As I understand it Johan is a fan of the Sharpe series and he has shown some interest in our napoleonic battles before.
The game was very enjoyable and we played many turns with a short meal break thrown in. We decided to "mix it up" by playing short end to short end instead of the usual long end to long end deployment. We reasoned this would be an exercise in learning to have reserves and not try to force as many units into combat as possible as soon as possible.
In the end Erik and Johan captured both important terrain objectives, the large hill and the small village, and declared a victory. My force still had some fighting in it but it was a good time to call it quits.
Johan left the game pondering acquiring an army of redcoats of his own, yay!

My left flank.

My right flank.

 Erik deploying.

Light infantry advancing  to posses the small village ahead.

The whole battlefield.


Effective range musketry exchange. 

Their view of the battle.

My reserve infantry.

In the end my Cuirassiers had made two futile charges resulting only in blown horses.


  1. Great layout, David. Your collection is really becoming impressive. I always look forward to your posts.

    Happily, it seems you're not exactly the "sole" Napoleonic Connoisseur over there these days.

  2. Hi
    I like the "mass effect" of some pictures!

  3. Very impressive looking terrain and figures, I am amazed at the speed in which you have grown your armies.


  4. superb looking models and terrain, I'm starting to look at this era at the moment and seeing pictures like these make me frothy ;)