Sunday, 23 January 2011

Four player "Big battle" pictures.

Earlier this week Erik suggested a game this weekend, very cool. We later found out this game was to collide with a big Warhammer game in our club venue the same day. In the end we made space for both games, but with up to a dozen gamers cramped in one small room brings a certain "ambiance", but we persevered.
As we where deploying our troops I had the idea of inviting a few participants. Johan "Mq" Malmqvist was there and he took the Prussian brigade as in our last game at the clubs Christmas convention. I suggested Christian "Nisse" Nielsen could join me on the French side but in the end a new player joined in, Christian Matsson. He was a spectator at our last game and was glad to give it a try!
The battle was an confused affair. We rolled for our Generals capability and the French C in C was deemed Poor. This influenced the game a great deal. Minus 1 for being Poor and often outside of 24" from the GdB, another minus 1, meant we had to roll eight or higher on 2D6 to change brigade orders, that rarely happened.
My new church terrain piece was the objective for the game.
We played for at least six hours with one break for food. As our brigades started to break and leave the field we called it quits. We discussed the outcome and agreed non of us had enough  reserves to continue the fighting. Thou the allied had three battalions occupying the objectives so this gave them the advantage and could enjoy an victory.
Massed cavalry. First outing of my Dragoon brigade. They chased of an regiment of Allied Hussars but due to poor leadership did not see more action after that.

 Our view of the objective for the day. Village with church, surrounded by hedge-rowed fields.

Horse-guns manoeuvre up to deploy at canister range. The Cuirassier regiment saw no action and left the field in good order when casualties started to mount.

This is my left flank. The allied Hussars where to threaten my infantry brigade which halted and formed square. The Dragoons was ordered to chase of the hussars, one of very few successful orders.

Overview of the village and French right flank colums closing in the distance.

Deployed horse-guns and the second Cuirassier regiment, which neither saw any action but took a few casualties from pot-shots.

My infantry forming square due to Hussars closing in. 

Centre, French C in C view.

French right flank. This flank saw hard fighting. Billowing back and forth with casualties mounting no side gained an upper hand.

A few random thoughts...

  • I'm sick and tired of the monochrome game mats. They are practical but oh so boring to stare at. I need to build a table with texture and living colours.
  • One or two centre-piece terrain features can really lift the look of a miniature battlefield.
  • We have to excuse Erik for his unpainted miniatures. Napoleonics is not his first priority and the fact that he takes time to buy and paint a Brittish force is awesome in it self.
  • Christian Matsson was new to the rules and the period but really took to it. We discussed hypothetical situations and tactics during and after the game.
  • Johan "Mq" has ordered him self some British infantry.
  • Nisse took photos with is new camera, I'll post these in an separate post.
  • I need to paint more casualty markers.


  1. Very nice, I suspect you had a lot of fun. Those large cavalry regiments are very impressive.


  2. Thank you John! Of cause we ha a lot of fun, it was a crazy battle and we made fun of the poor C in C constantly, and blamed him for a lot of bad dice rolls.