Sunday, 30 January 2011

Possibly the best way one could spend an Sunday afternoon.

I met Hekke yesterday and he showed me his progress on his Swiss, looking good. Being the third to start an Napoleonic collection in our small group it is sort of an milestone. We also scheduled a small game to be had this Sunday afternoon. Hekke set up a few preferences, a small game on a 4x6 table without any special terrain, also he wanted to try playing with Cavalry, no problem.
I set up the forces. For myself I took my six Prussian infantry units (rated line today) and an battery of 6 pdr's, faced against four small French infantry units, two Dragoon units (each 24 strong) and a battery of horse 6 pdr's.
We advanced cautiously against each other, one of my brigade facing off against all his infantry. My other brigade manoeuvred up on a flak to sweep in at an later stage. Hekke committed his cavalry which galloped at my infantry several times, my infantry being lucky to find them self in square each time. The cavalry bounced back each time and refused to find itself spent. This hindered my second infantry brigade to sweep in as planned.
Finaly his guns took its toll on my squares and my primary infantry brigade found itself crumbling and finally breaking.
A good game which did not take very long time to play and was quick to set up, this spurred an thought of playing more small games, ca 750 points we agreed. So I foresee more games of this kind in the future, prefect pastime when tired of painting with no big games planned.


  1. I really like your collection guys! Which rule set are you using? Black Powder?

  2. Thank you, we are using General de Brigade by David Brown.

  3. superb looking armies, keep posting the great pictures

  4. Hi... and add some pieces of terrain!
    Thanks for sharing

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