Thursday, 14 July 2011

Prussians against the redoubts.

With every unit in my force I set off. My battery of 6 pounders rolled up and deployed hub to hub. All ten battalions in single company columns marching through the patchwork landscape.
The target was two redoubts, one on each side of a highway road, each containing a battery of cannons. A weaker French force of only four reduced battalions and a thin line of skirmishers holds this defensive culprit.
Although all setting off a the same time, taking heat from the French canons and entangling in hedgerows my columns reach and assaulted French lines on at a time in echelon. Only on my right flank, a regiment of landwehr, three battalions strong charged in a column en masse! But non charged home on its target, they wavered, reformed, then charged again.
The center was hell on earth. Line musketeer battalions marched up and down the same field again and again taking hit after hit of canister shots. Retreating then rallying to march up again over wounded and dying comrades.
My left flank broke and left the field. I continued with my attack. Two French battalions had routed and a French brigade general had been captured as a prisoner, this was not a lost cause yet!
The Landwehr on my right had finally charged home, won, and was now swinging around to assault one of the redoubts, one battalion took horrendous casualties and routed, a second was moving up to enter the redoubt from its flank.
At this point it was decided my force had had enough, the finishing assault on the redoubt was never to be and the redoubts was left to the French as remaining Prussian forces retreated back to safety.

Another victory for Erik as French this time. Great fun thou, and with a couple of  newly painted Prussian units. Pictures turned out blurry again, dang it!

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  1. Very nice setup and miniatures. I also like your short write-up. And again I feel drawn towards Black Powder.