Sunday, 7 August 2011

Commissioned painting.

I'm painting a huge unit of Brittish for a friend, 48 minis, the Coldstream guards. I have painted a lot of fantasy minis for him during the last year. With him getting into napoleonics and commissioning me to paint them its a win-win-win situation. First, more napoleonics players, very good! Second, for every mini I paint I can buy two more for myself. And third, well my friend gets his minis painted and get gaming quick. He is looking at doing the whole British 1st infantry division, the foot guards.
Here are a few I completed during the weekend. I'm quite satisfied with the result, I hope my commissioner is to.


  1. they look really nice, do you use army dip or just inks??

  2. Thank you. I use Inks and washes in different combinations.

  3. Nicely done David, I especially like the way you painted the trousers.

  4. Very nicely painted! Lucky friend.