Friday, 13 April 2012

Recently completed.

While there haven't been much action of the napoleonic kind going on here I have done some painting at least. Three units of french light infantry, these were on sale and I bought three boxes on a whim last Christmas. They have been in a half complete state for a long time but I finally completed them. I did some head swaps and put some pre-bardin style shakos and bearskins on the elite companies. I also built a bugler from a skirmisher with victrix bugler arms.
The old guard was a christmas present , they have been completed for a long time but have never left my project shelf.
I built a unit of prussian hussars by simply putting left over heads from a prussain infantry set on french hussars. They might not be completely accurate but they will suffice until plastic prussian cavalry sets are released or my hobby budget improves enough to buy metal cavalry.


  1. I am absolutely loving the light infantry! Three great looking battalions.

    Oddly I just finished a couple of units of chassuers exactly like yours, Victrix with the same 2 Perry officers! They are lovely minis, aren't they?

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Nice work David,
    Well done with the Prussian hussars.

  3. Thank you Simon and Paul. The vicrix old guard sure is one of the better plastic sets, no need to mention perry mins, always good :P


  4. Nice to see you back, great figures, the Victrix Guard are among my favorites.


  5. Beautiful looking troops! The Guard are wonderful.

  6. Woow, These are sooo awsome. Makes me even more motivated to start an army of Prussians