Saturday, 14 November 2009

My painting style: Simple!

There is only one word I would use to describe my painting style, simple. Wargaming a period where a thousand miniatures is "a good start" I don't feel I have to paint each miniature to the highest of my standards. An ok paintjob works great when 250 figures are cramped into one 2x2' area, en mass I believe its called.
I base coat black, a neat layer by spray can. Then block paint mostly using GW's foundation paints, trying to leave a thin blackline but it is not really necessary. With a drop of acrylic retarder at hand foundation paints are a dream to paint with. Then I wash each area of the miniature with an appropriate wash, again GW's set of washes are great.
It's an ok paintjob that I'm fine with and looks good on the table top.


  1. Your idea of an "okay" paint job is what I would call "amazingly well done"!

    Great work. Would I had your productivity!

  2. Thank you Robert. I follow both Serrez les rangs and Skyori szag.