Saturday, 14 November 2009


While I'm sometimes is called "the terrain guy" at my game club, and I enjoy making terrain greatly, I feel that I have so much to learn and that I'm just taking my first stumbling steps in the craft.
These are just a few photos of random terrain I'd thought I'd show you. I will dedicate more posts on my terrain building in the future.

I co own this river by Battlefront with a friend/game club member. I have repainted it several times. It's a useful piece of terrain. A bit expensive but it sure does the trick.

Next is a improvised piece of terrain totally scratch built by stuff I had laying on my workspace. An experiment that turned out ok. Someday I'll make more with more variety of greenery.

I took a break in my painting a few months ago. I had this craving of building something simple and easy, and we needed buildings for our napoleonic games. I have built five of these small simple houses, they didn't turn out exactly as I hoped they would but still look ok. I'm planing to do a church, a farm and a few two storey houses some day.

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