Saturday, 25 September 2010

Why six by eight feet table will have to suffice.

That's me up there, and a 6 by 8 table, in our club venue.

* We are lucky to have a club venue to play in, but we can't hog all the space and tables, 6x8' shouldn't be a problem.

* Our troops are based according to "In the Grand Manner" rules, which states 6"=100m ground scale.

* Using a 6" equals 100 meters ground scale the table will cover 1,6km x 1,2km.

* That's enough to cover Hougoumont in one corner, La Haye Sante in one corner and La Belle Alliance in a third corner.

* Our battles will rarely contain more than ~16 units per side, say an infantry division with some support.

* If we were to fight bigger battles, I don't mind a crowded table, it looks cool!

* With six feet in depth you can reach you troops in the middle of the table without to much of a hassle.

* You can have a brigade "hypothetically" deployed just outside of the table, witch are ready to march in at any time.

Oh, and by the way, long time no see. Not much napoleonic has happened the last few months but I hope there will be a change to that! And thank you for all the nice comments!


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