Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What to get?

The box art alone is fantastic!

I'm nearing completion on my Victrix brigade. I'm half way done with the basing, so it's high time to order some new toys! I'm considering three options.

1. From Perry minis a 3-gun battery of horse artillery for my cuirassier brigade, with a 4-horse limber team, making it a "legal" option using Lasalles army builder.

2. From Victrix three boxes of Old guard Grenadiers, enough for four 32 fig battalions, again a "legal" Lasalle option.

3. Four boxes of Perry plastic Dragoons, making a full brigade of four 12 fig units.

I think more infantry is not really what I need, and there is way more important units to get than those Old Guard Grenadiers just yet. I'm not that keen on painting a massive 48 cavalry minis so I'm leaning towards option 1. What do you think?


  1. Go for the artillery, you can never have too many guns!

  2. Thanks, right now I'm thinking both guns and Dragoons :)

  3. Yep, artillery. But two boxes of Dragoons will give you 28 mounted figures - fair sized regiment - and 16 dismounted. If you got two boxes of hussars you'd have a 28 man regiment as well for a 56 figure light cav brigade. You could complete it with a two gun (3 if you want a howitzer too) horse artillery battery to complete the brigade. Lots of painting, but very impressive on the table.


  4. but all 3 options and pile up figs. :--)