Saturday, 10 April 2010

Toiling away on my Victrix

Haven't had a game in a while. For some reason I got myself a copy of Lasalle by Sam Mustafa. A good set of rules. We were perfectly happy with General de Brigade but Lasalle might be better suited for me and my opponent for our "reasonable sized", one off, pick up games. We'll try it soon I hope.
Meanwhile I've been working on and off with a bunch of Victrix French infantry. Six 36 fig. battalions to be exact. I'm nearing the end finally witch means I can get new minis! Perry dragoons and Victrix old guard is looking mighty good!

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  1. Hi David

    Realy nice blog !
    About rules, Lasalle ase a realy stuning book, I hav´t got the chans to read och play them but I heard much good about them.

    Our gaming group in Stockholm have started to use warloard games "Black Powder" rules, they are exactly what we have looking for...easy to learn, fast to play, no points system only prepland scenarios, lots of minis on the field, a outcom that feels historical and a opportunity for more than 2 players (we are often 4-6 + umpire)

    Best regards Dalauppror

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