Friday, 8 October 2010

7th Hussars

Most of my order of cavalry the other week was unfortunately out of stock. One box of Hussars however showed up and I dove right in on its contents. For £13.50 I have to say its a amazing quality. Its rare these days to feel like you really get your moneys worth.
I painted them as the 7th Hussars in campaign dress. I think they turned out ok! And within a reasonable time too. One day to paint the riders, one day to paint the horses, and yesterday I did the basing. Within a close future I'll bring this unit up to proper strength, 24 probably.
If it seems like they are falling of their horses its because they are, they are not glued to their saddles yet.


  1. Great looking unit, I really like how the green came out especially on the Shakos. How did you do it.


  2. Thank you john.I use GW paints, base "Orkhide Shade" then a layer "Snot Green".