Monday, 11 October 2010


Just normal hedgerows, no fancy bocage. I have this image in my head of a rolling landscape looking like a patchwork quilt with fields of different crop, long country roads running up and down low round hills, a few patches of trees... and hedgerows! This is what I want my table to look like, this weekends build might take me a bit closer.

They were built on 1" wide plywood strips that I cut out from a larger sheet. I bevel the edges with a strong knife and the slapped on a thick layer of carpenters wood filler to give them some girth. When this was dry I glued on a few larger pebbles and then gravel covering the rest. I painted them with the same colours I use on my miniatures bases, and then finishing with some static grass.
I used a "hot glue gun" to glue on the clump foliage which works really great.

I'll probably take a few photos of them in their natural environment on the game table. I like setting up the game table with terrain, especially if you have a few new pieces.


  1. They're really nice! You've inspired me; they'll be my next terrain project.

  2. Oh I'm glad to hear that! What a compliment =)

  3. great job on those, must do some myself

    could you add a follower widget so I can follow your blog?


  4. Thank you Matt, I have added a Followers widget, I hope that works for you =)