Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cavalry reservs arrive!

Huzzah! Finally, the rest of my cavalry order arrives. Four boxes, well one hussar box has already been built and painted as the 7th Hussars. The other will be painted as the 1st Hussars. The Dragoons will be the 5th and 6th. Now that will be pretty tiny regiments but additional boxes will be bought to bring these up to respectable ("man sized" as they call it) numbers.
As you would expect the quality of these sets is impressive. There is practically no flash and details are crisp. There is but one thing I feel a tiny bit bummed about is that I'm forced to pay extra for the dismounted Dragoons, which will probably never leave their sprue. But considering the price for this quality I don't feel sure I don't even want to mention it.
On that note I have to say I really prefer plastic cavalry over metal due to several factors; cost is obvious, weight is another, and they wont bend and chip the painting if you have an accident.
I'm really hoping for plastic Chasseurs and Lanciers! Until then I might consider doing one or two more Cuirassier or Dragoon regiments... darn it, I way beyond hooked!

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  1. The Perry cavalry are nice figures to paint, I have done 1 unit of the Dragoons. I am looking at getting a couple of boxes of the heavy cavalry to paint up a Lasalle Cuirassier Division.

    I will look forward to seeing result.