Thursday, 14 October 2010

Plastic Prussian Landwehr

These showed up way sooner than I expected. There I was painting away on my Dragoon horses and this comes in and interrupts everything, merde! ;)
I ordered the "Lingy box deal" only a few days ago. It was really exiting opening these boxes, I have have only seen pictures of these minis on warlord games website and those are pro-painted and everything so of cause they look good. Now I get to see them first hand!
The metal miniatures come in a zip-lock bag with a brass banner pole, these look really good and easily compare to any other good 28mm manufacturer out there. The plastic minis come packed in three small bags, each with three sprues, each sprue with three minis, clever. The plastic minis stand on round disks very reminiscent of perry minis. The sculpts can't really compare to Perry minis, they are good, way beyond "good enough", and I'm sure they will look great on the game table. All in one piece march attack pose they are exactly what a wargamer needs. Also enclosed is a useful pamphlet giving you basic info on the Landwehr and some on the Prussian army in general, and all the flags you need.
I'm truly exited to get painting on these, I might even put the Dragoons on halt. And yes, this officially means I'm starting a second army!  

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    Not exactly my scale (1/72) but the yours is also my period. A great blog