Sunday, 17 October 2010

Landwehr before Dragoons

,... well one battalion at least. I had to test paint and try some techniques. I went with a simple straight forward paint job. Black base coat, heavy drybrush "Necron Abyss", then drybrush "Mordian Blue", then simply fill in the rest more or less. So here it is, a mediocre paintjob producing a table top standard wargames unit. I'm happy with it, especially since I painted it in an weekend, even less.
I based the unit on four Renedra 60x45mm cavalry bases. I cut of 5mm length wise so to match the depth of the rest of my troops. The command is split between the two centre companies. This is supposed to be a 32 fig unit, and the box only comes with 30 figs so I put the banner bearer and the drummer so that they are taking up both ranks, last photo illustrates this.
I managed to paint all the dragoon horses to completion before jumping on this, the rides laying there waiting impatiently.  


  1. Boy that was pretty fast, the Prussians look great, I am surprised at how well the faces came out, a lot of definition. Impressed at your output, especially the all those horses.


  2. Now that's some fast painting! And they would grace any tabletop any time- nice work!

    Well done, David- look forward to seeing more.

  3. Thank you John and Robert for your very kind comments. I find that having this blog is a great motivator :)

  4. How do you do your figures bases? that has always been a mystery to me.