Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I call it the " reverse-slope tactic" enabler.

I have been thinking a bit about slopes and the angle of the slope on the table top. How to create a rolling landscape practically? I had spare sheets of 50mm pink styrofoam laying home as ruins of experiments of the past. After a weekend of non stop painting I felt I had to tret myself to a bit of terrain building.
This is a 30x60cm large hill. Basically I cut the angels at a  roughly 22 degree angle on all four sides and sanded the edges. This created a large rectangular pyramid shape which I wasn't so sure of what to do with. After taking some flak from my friends at the club for my symmetrical terrain piece I decided it would be a scenic piece.
I built a hedgerow along one of the long side crestline and glued a piece of teddybear fur on the slope.
This might be the start of the tabletop of my dreams (see Hedgerow post) or it might just be a big hunk of styrofoam which will never be used.
Any ways it needs a second treatment of static grass because I only had one tone available.

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