Thursday, 28 October 2010

On my table righ now.

Progress has not at its best, not the most effective week I have to confess. I blame a cold that brought my energy down to absolute zero and a good four or five days I didn't even go near my worktable, formerly known as kitchen table. When I did paint I was all over the place, so lots of near finished work.

I have always wanted to build a windmill. I used a picture of Napoleon at Lingy as a reference. It needs some detailing and I'm sure its not completely historically correct but it will be a fun addition on the game table.
In the background two regiments of Cuirassiers.

 This is my complete allied force at the moment, two whole battalions... poor bastards.

My second Landwehr battalion is nearing completion. Officer, drummer and basing left.

My second regiment of Hussars, painted as the 1st. Just some static grass and maybe some tufts left.

Dragoons, 13 done out of 24. Painted with red facings. It will be a while before this unit will see the game table.

And even further in to the future will it be before my second unit of Dragoons is complete. Horses are done but the riders are in a box together with a third unit of Landwehr. As you can see, pink facings!

That's it for me now, hope I see you soon!


  1. I like the windmill, I have to say I admire your will to paint such large units of cavalry. My big units are 12 and the small units are 8 figures. The large units look great.


  2. I love the windmill! Is it all scratch built? I take my hat off to you, sir!
    Seeing it and your comments reminded me of the picture which I've got on my PC. That then spurred me on to share my favourite Napoleonic pictures, which is what I've done on my latest post at

  3. Yes sir the windmill is scratch built, cardboard and balsa wood, and some matches =) By scratch building close to all my terrain instead of buying expensive resin terrain I can spend the saved money on more miniatures =)
    Great idea with your post, of cause there's a great picture of a windmill that I have previously not seen, that would have been a great reference point! C'est la vie!

  4. Hi
    A great north european-type windmill. In Spain these are very different
    Best regards

  5. Wow, haven't even heard about the windmill project until now, but it looks great! Definitely a piece I'd like to have the next time we take those frogs out for some exercise.

    Oh, and I found the RSS-feed at last. =)

  6. Glad you stopped by Hektor! Yes the windmill is now a obligatory feature on our battlefields =)
    I'd be glad to have a small battle with you any day at the club so I can show you how General de Brigade works.