Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Having a long awaited game, with a new GdB recruit!

I now realise it has been ten months since I last had a game of GdB. I had a long hiatus from napoleonics but had a surge of new inspiration at the end of this summer. I have since done a lot of painting and of cause was longing for a nice napoleonic battle. Erik my regular opponent has had other priorities and have made no progress on his British force. I do not hold it against him, nobody is forced to do this hobby. But this weighted in on the decision to start a second force, the idea is to have two playable forces so I can invite friends or club members to play.
Such a opportunity presented itself when a good friend (and club member alike), Hekke, offered to give it a try. There is a bit of a historical wargamer in Hekke, we share a fascination of WW2 and have had many Advanced Squad Leader "dust ups" previously. I am very glad to have an opportunity to introduce Hekke to napoleonics.
My Prussian force is nowhere playable so I made two forces consisting of French only. We agreed one side was a minor state previously allied with the French, but has now turned and was still fighting in French uniform.
I began explaining the organisation of the forces, C in C's, Brigade Generals and so forth, then a bit on the command and control and orders system. We rolled for initiative and I explained each phase as we got to them. In short I have to say it was very enjoyable, this was not a competitive battle and we agreed that every rules quarry should be given time to be thoroughly investigated. Still we got a good six or seven turns done and fought to conclusion. My poor troops got well and truly thrashed!
I apologise for the quality of the photos, the lighting is quite poor at our club venue.

 The battlefield. Windmill on the hill in lower left corner. Putting out our troops.

 Hekke deploys a brigade with the task of holding the hill.

My troops advance upon same hill.

Hekkes brigade shakes out in line to defend.

On my left side of the battlefield my second brigade is trapped and takes heavy casualties from musketry.

Right side again where musketry has just begun.

Heavy losses indeed, one battalion routes off shortly after.

No side is looking good for me, Hekkes sole artillery battery managed to get a "Low ammo" status in the very firs turn.

The killing fields. In the background club members enjoy a game of Warhammer.

Fighting for the high ground.

Hekkes infantry firmly deployed in line behind good cover.

I desperately send in my brigade of light cavalry Hussars but is beaten off when my opponent successfully formed square.

We agreed to play again soon, possibly a soon as next week, good times!


  1. Wow, nice AAR, I am already looking forward to next tuesday!

    Can't wait 'til the Prussians are ready for the field, though..!

  2. Very interesting AAR and pictures
    Best regards

  3. Very nice, it looks like you had fun. Great terrain and figures.


  4. Great looking game, David! That is one really impressive table layout.