Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Prussian Landwehr Regiment done.

,There we go. Three battalions of Prussian Landwehr finished and ready for the game table. They have green facings, one battalion has black coats and another grey trousers for variety. Not the most flamboyant bunch but surely will do fine on the game table.
This is one of six planned regiments for my Prussian force. I will do two regiments of line infantry, each three battalions strong, and two regiments of reserve infantry, also three battalions each. These will be from Perry Miniatures new Prussian sets, when they get released.
I have three battalions of plastic landwehr waiting to get prepared right next to me, I wonder if I can get them done before the Perry Prussian sets come out? I hope not, I'd like to paint some regular infantry before painting more of this drab bunch.


  1. Hi
    They seem ready to evict the French from the Vaterland!

  2. Great work!

    Wish I had your project discipline- you've painted three battalions in the time it's taken me to work on cleaning up a company or two. I'll keep coming back here for inspiration!

    Do you plan on getting the casualty figure packs from Warlord?

  3. Thank you Robert! I guess I have nothing better to do with my time :P
    Yes, actually I was thinking the casualty figures would be a nice way to bring the next thee unit up to a full 32 strong.