Saturday, 27 November 2010

Update sort of...

I haven't posted in a while so I thought a small update was in order. Last Saturday I had a game with yet a another recruit, Nisse. Nisse and I have had a few WW2 games together in the past and he has showed some interest in that game I and Erik was talking about with all those minis.
The game was totally unplanned, I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures I'm sorry to say. Especially because this was a very enjoyable game and we used a lot of minis, almost my entire collection. We took our time and played until a clear ending.
Nisse set up a cul-de-sac using all his units with a battery of 6 pdrs in the centre. I marched a brigade of four battalions straight into it and got promptly thrashed as expected. When I sent in my second brigade his line was in disarray and he had a hard time to counter-attack. It was a close game but Nisse's force broke and left the field before mine did. A new GdB player that left wanting more, excellent!

I recently ordered myself some more minis, three boxes of Perry cavalry to finish of my Hussar and Dragoon regiments. Also mounted officers and casualties for my Landwehr. Speaking of Landwehr, I'm working on the last units of these, not terribly exiting. Although a grey and red painting scheme has renewed my enthusiasm somewhat.

Experimenting, Italians.

I'm supposed to have a game with Erik today, but I don't think it will happen!


  1. Those Prussians look very good. Look forward to seeing them based up. I note that you are using the Games Workshop brushes? I just recently started using them and I think they are the best quality brushes I have bought for as long time and the price is very reasonable. How do you find them?


  2. Thank you Lee. I agree with you about the GW brushes, I have not used them for many years but I bought one a few moths ago and to my big surprise it's still holding up. Usually I have to discard a brush after just a few weeks!

  3. Boy, I am envious of that snow. I am from western Newfoundland and your picture is very reminds of there. I have recent been using the Army Painter brushes, I like the very long brush. the GW shop here closed a couple of years ago, so it has been a while since I used their brushes.