Sunday, 12 December 2010

Finally, game time!

Finally I and Erik had compatible schedules to allow for a game of glorious 28mm Napoleonics, or at least our attempt of glorious 28mm Napoleonics, we are getting there I think. Erik has picked up painting his British which is a great joy, he is a skilled painter. Some day soon I'll take better photos of his troops, they deserve to be shown off. The photos I took today did not turn out good, most of the are really blurry and the lighting in our club venue is not very good for photography evidently.

My light cavalry commander, what do you think? I'm way out on a limb here concerning "historical correctness".

Deploying. My forces contained a total of ten infantry battalions, two small cavalry regimens and one battery of 6pdr's. 

Erik's redcoats.

...Prussians helping out on a flank.

View of the battlefield.

My flanking attempt.

Prussians on the advance.

Some guys in green milling about with rifles?

Sadly the game was cut shot due to "spouse related urgency's". We both had a good time and promised ourself next time around we'll do better, just... better.
Stay in touch! I'll be back soon with more pictures of an ever-growing collection of Napoleonics!


  1. Love it! Great looking game, in all areas- terrain and miniatures.

    I really like the light cavalry officer! I have no problem with taking artistic licence with my Napoleonics if I feel it is within the limits of plausibility. I believe in following the spirit of Napoleonic warfare, not the letter. And what can be more appropriate than a dandified French cavalry officer?

    Well done, David. I look forward to more.

  2. Thank you for your heart-warming comment Robert!

    I think its a case of "plausible what-ifs" we wargamers must accept to live with. From dandified officers to generic line regiments.
    In Neil Thomas "Napoleonic Wargaming" he claims that any nation fighting any nation with any allies is a plausible scenario during the Napoleonic wars, due to the political turmoil of that era. I really like that mindset!

  3. Hi
    The Cavalry officier is a very nice figura. He is a dandy without any doubt!
    Do the Prussians arrive always in the flank?

  4. Everything Robert said + a cherry on top. Really goodlooking game.