Sunday, 6 May 2012

Breakthrough battle, British attacking French 1815

Time had finally come for Erik to dust off his British minis. They have since last time been reinforced by some hussars and highlanders, these aren't painted so if you find that disturbing look away ;) We just wanted to put lots of minis on the table.
I had prepared a scenario for us. The British was on the attack trying to drive off an French infantry brigade and reach and take a village before French generals realized their weak spot and reinforced their position. British forces was nine battalions of infantry in three brigades, two batteries of guns and two regiments of hussars. The French forces was divided into four brigades. One deployed at the start of the game, three battalions. A cavalry brigade arriving in turn 3, two regiments of light cavalry with horse guns. In turn 6 a infantry brigade, three battalions and a battery of 6 pdr guns. In turn 9 the last brigade of three infantry battalions. We didn't count points, which we should had. Halfway into the battle we were curious and calculated that my French force in total was a good bit too strong. I think it would be a better balanced scenario if forces were equally strong or there about.

The village in my left corner.

 Advancing British in columns of divisions(?)

 A single French brigade starts the game deployed midway up the table.

Marching rapidly on the village.

 Cavalry reenforcement arriving in the distance. Infantry in open order.

 French cavalry moves in to pin the unopposed British brigade.

 Brigade deploys along the hedgerow.

 Hussars on the move.
 On the other flank skirmishing has erupted.

 More French infantry arriving.

 Horse battery deploys, reinforcements marching through the village.

 British close and drive off French infantry in open order.

 Advance halts and a line of battle starts to form.

 In the distance last French reenforcement arrive. Hussars charge!

 And are promptly shot to pieces, routs of the table. Guns held and stayed on the field.

 More meleé. British is pushing back and taking ground steadily.

 British hussars are decimated by French canons.

 At this point French brigades starts to crumble.

We played a whopping 22 turns, taking Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. In the end two of my brigades had broke and a third hanging by a thread, so great job by Erik. Village not being held by any but I admit myself defeated.


  1. Beautiful miniatures, terrain, and game!

  2. Fantastic!! Love the photos.

  3. Beautiful battlefield, great photos...wonderful!

  4. Gorgeous presentation!