Friday, 4 May 2012

Quick game last Sunday

It was a bit of a surprise when a friend/club member said he be glad to have a game of napoleonics. The club venue was pretty empty this weekend, many of the regulars was at an tournament. Perfect opportunity.
I didn't really have time to set up a scenario, it was just going to be two fairly simple forces going in an pitched battle. My friend picked the French force which I had prepared.  Six battalions of regular infantry, two light battalions and four guns. I commanded a Prussian force, one fusilier battalion, two musketeers, and six landwehr musketeer battalions. Also four guns and two squadrons of light cavalry.
I was a fun game, there was some wavering back and forth, I was at an disadvantaged early on have squandered my cavalry and being shoot up by superior skirmishing.
In the end we called it an draw, after all I killed no less then two(!) of his brigade generals.
It was several months since I had a game so I had to stop and look up some rules a few times, my opponent have only tried General de Brigade once before so I had to "umpire" sort of.
We talked a bit of playing larger games with two or three players a side, might not be an impossible thought.
This Saturday I'm having a game with Erik against his British force. Looks like this connoisseur is back in business.

A few pics from the game.