Thursday 30 March 2017

The League of Augsburg: Waterloo 200 - League of Augsburg style

The League of Augsburg: Waterloo 200 - League of Augsburg style: Waterloo from the south west This was months in the planning and involved Adrian building from scratch 72 tiles to an exact ground scal...

Thursday 26 July 2012

Six player corps sized game

This Tuesday six of us gathered at our club for a "big game" of General de Brigade. We had set up a table 180cm deep and 480cm long (6x16'). I, Nisse and Mattsson commanded a division of French each, our opponents Erik commanded a British Division, Tobbe and Johan a Prussian "brigade" each.
There was no scenario based objectives, just a straight up fight to break the opposition. Tobbe and Johan took a flank each on the allied side with Erik's British in the center. One British brigade started of board on a flank march that arrived turn 7, just two turns late, on their right flank.
On the French side we had Matsson that took up position in the village, he had a brigade of infantry and two regiments of Cuirassiers in immediate reserves behind the village. Things started out slow on that flank. Tobbe spread out his Prussians in one long line facing the French in the village with the task to just hold out. Erik pushed really hard in the center and his Hussars charged wildly and caused general panic. On the other flank I had some success pushing back two regiments of Landwehr but my Dragoon brigade failed to receive the assault orders to follow up the attack and where shot up badly by Prussian guns. When Eriks flank marching brigade arrived things went down hill rapidly on my flank. Matsson tried desperately to charge home with his Cuirassiers to punish the thin Prussian deployment but spectacularly bad die rolling would not allow it. Later the when the Cuirassiers retreated off the field Mattsson declared their total tally, just one single Prussian model killed.
In the end a crushing defeat for my and my fellow French commanders.
In total we played for seven or eight hours, 14 or 15 turns (we lost count). So around half an our per turn, not bad considering four of the players has only played a few times each.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Big game photos

Sorry for the delay, we where using Nisses camera so I had to wait for him to send me the photos, apparently studying law takes up a lot of your time, who knew? :P